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Hi! I'm a Marketeer, Designer and Color Expert based in Barcelona. Focused on Graphic Design, Branding, Editorial Design, Packaging Design, Product Design and Photography, I enjoy using digital media, as much as working on paper, giving special attention to embracing the digital transformation in a conscious and sustainable manner. I am a detailed-oriented obsessive seeking to inject color into everything I touch. You'll find me frequently engrossed in capturing the beauty of life's everyday moments with a camera or doing music in my free time which you can listen here.

           Work exhibited at

2014 - Seina, the interactive light installation, exhibited at the Interaction14 “Languages of Interaction Design” conference, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

2014 - Boen, the collection of ceramic pieces, exhibited at Cersaie Design Festival, Bologna, Italy.

2014 - El Bulli Challenge, a research and innovation project with Ferràn Adrià in Barcelona, exhibited at Beijing Design Week in Beijing, Japan.

2015 - “Batec de Llum”, the lighting interactive installation, exhibited at Barcelona Llum Festival (Santa Eulàlia festivity) and Barcelona InterAct Festival at Trasforma Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain.  

2015 - To To Tomato, the urban interactive installation, designed and produced with Simbiosis and exhibited at ÚS Barcelona 2015, urban art and public space festival in Barcelona, Spain.

2016 - Piece of quiet, the textile collection that blocks phone signals, exhibited at Barcelona Design Market, Barcelona, Spain.

2016 -  LUX, the smart cape that lights up with child movement, axhibited at DHUB Barcelona Design Museum in the context of the Materfad exhibition “What’s next?, materials that will shape the future” in Barcelona, Spain.

2016 - Visum, the smart object for home use that graphically visualises and shields electromagnetic radiation, exhibited at Fuorisalone di Milano 2016 in the context of the Next Design Innovation Expo in Milan, Italy.

2016 - Las Brechas, the installation about press freedom inequality around the world in the context of the Data Journalism contest of Medialab Prado, exhibited at Medialab Prado in Madrid, Spain.

2017- Murtra New Uses, the textile collecion that searches new contexts of innovative applications at Murtra’s Innovation Lab, exhibited at Murta Innovation Lab in Barcelona, Spain.

2019 - Folm, the sustainable flexible packaging material for cosmetic applications, exhibited at Elisava School of Design and Engineering in the context of Design for New Materials MA in Barcelona, Spain.

2019 - Folm, the sustainable flexible packaging material for cosmetic applications, exhibited at Material Designers Expo in Lisbon, Portugal.

           Work Experience

2014 - 2015 - Graphic designer specialized in textile collection launched on 2015 S/S and A/W seasons at ZARA HOME, Inditex Group.

2015 - Present - Technical Consultant and Color Expert specialized in Labels & Packaging for HP Indigo digital printing technology at HP Inc, Hewlett Packard.


2011 - 2015 - Bachelor’s Degree in Product Design by ELISAVA School of Design & Engineering of Barcelona and the Winchester School of Art University of Southampton.

2013 - 2014 - Interactive Environmenrs & Cross Media Interaction Design courses by Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands.

2018 - 2019 - Master in Design for New Materials by ELISAVA School of Design & Engineering of Barcelona.


Color consultancy · Graphic Design · Identity · Editorial Design · Packaging Design · Product Design · Photography


For more details on where, when and how all this happened, here is my CV, or contiue reading to know more.

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My grandfather always said that I would be a pianist because of my long fingers and although I never became even the most light version of Chopin, when I was old enough my parents gave me what would become my best friend during my high school years. My guitar and I didn't separate, we even studied final exams together, playing Oasis songs more than anything else. At 16 my guitar and I started a punk band with other three classmates and we baptized it "The Basement" (yes it even had a name! nothing simpler than the garage where we rehearsed every afternoon). Just when we were enjoying what seemed to be the most imaginative days of our lives the time to choose faculty arrived dragging us irremediably into a not so appealing adulthood. I could have inherited the law profession that has defined my entire family generation after generation but I decided to bet on my instinct, and today 10 years later, I would do it again.

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