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Material design · Packaging design

Cosmetic packaging represents
the 70% of the beauty industry waste,
the humanity and the Earth urge to be given material alternatives. Folm is born with the mission of replacing single use flexible packaging petroleum-based materials by renewable-based ones.

In the context of raw beauty, sustainability is deeply woven into gen Zers’ worldview, as they’ve grown up in a time when our impact on the planet and other species has become increasingly visible. This pre industrial material explores the possibilities of seaweed as the main raw ingredient to provide a viable film solution for flexible packaging applications. Folm creates new realities which involve matter’s never ending life cycle by eliminating the concept of consumption in favour of safely borrowing and giving back the Earth’s resources. In the context of circular care, nurturing our body becomes a new experience when we enable the Folm material to embrace it’s unending life.

Gelidium algae is the main component used to produce this material. Gelidium lives on top of rocks in the coast areas, permanently under water or sometimes in the lowest levels of the uncovered tide areas. This algae distributes along the Atlantic and occidental Mediterranean coasts and as said, it develops mostly in the Cantabric coast where exposure to surge is moer frequent. In these areas, the Gelidium species are harvested by floating beds and beach coast gatherers. The preservation of seaweeds, between the time of harvesting and their actual use by the manufacturer, is crucial for the development of this material.

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