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Restoring the #packagingfail disaster. Self-care is becoming more than just embracing a personal routine. It is extending to the physical environments we interact with on a daily basis. Our restless routines push us to look for spaces of digital disconnection in search of human and nature connection. Consumers are seeking sensoriality enriched experiences and products that offer scent, softness and surprising tacttility. The beauty industry faces an environmental challenge when it comes to packing cosmetic products - the use of multilayer fossil fuel-based materials. Folm aims to reduce packaging waste by offering a mono-layer renewable-based film solution.

How might we scale up and democratice the use of seaweed? Biobased polymers are set to increase in the coming years. There is a strong global tendency to study the use of seaweed in the production of biobased polymers given it’s environmental benefits. Regions with seaweed aquaculture history, for example in China, show that seaweed farming can act as a nutrient sink, helping with the control of phytoplankton blooms. Algae biomass can clean and restore the environment when harvested presenting a more sustainable manufacturing ecosystem.

Folm Memo is the document that collects the conceptualization, development and results of the project Folm. The process followed to develop the material Folm are thoroughly explained in this book. Texts and pictures are separated in two main sections aiming for functionality and simplicity when reading. Quantitative and qualitative data is provided in this document as well as material’s characterization evaluation.Pictures copyrights belong to the authors. Item printed with HP Indigo digital print technology at Pressing, Barcelona.

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