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Why Space Survival?

Never found yourself at a place looking so surreal you could have left the planet Earth without noticing? We travel long and short distances to get to these magical places prepared to be abducted by the beak of a sparrow that sings a melody in an unknown and colorful language.
What to expect from Space Survivial?

Space Survival is about freedom and escape in a land that belongs only to God. And what if this God was us?

These series invite us to
rethink space and to erase the boundaries of our imagination in favour of picturing new ways of living in the no-land. Issue 01 revises the truth and the lies that unveil a rocky landscape somewhere in Arizona (US). Wheels on fire rolling cross indian red land that once was home to The Diné and their  believes about the heveanly nature we now protect. Twilight. The dust on the earthly bodies becomes insignificant in view of the beauty that our eyes reflect like a delusion. Olihato-Monument Valley, AZ 84536 U.S or the exit door from planet Earth and from all the things we know into a shinny no-space where elements drop common identities and violins roar announcing the beginning of a new era.

Archive curtesy of the Navajo Nation reservation. Photography and written rights reserved. For the digital issue visit www.teresa-baena.com and sing.

@2021 Teresa Baena
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